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This is what some of the teachers and students say about Phrasal Verbs in Britain:


¡§My previous Phrasal Verb book was really boring and only included practice sentences. Phrasal Verbs in Britain is much more interesting because the articles are true and real life. I¡¦ve learned a lot about Britain, as well as picking up a lot of phrasal verbs.¡¨

Mohammed Sajid Aziz, EFL student, Manchester, UK

¡§Phrasal Verbs in Britain is the most interesting phrasal verbs book ever! I¡¦ve never finished reading any phrasal verb text book before, but this is the only exception! Stories related to British culture are the key for me to keep reading and sometimes I just can¡¦t stop it. I do learn a lot from the books and it¡¦s really helpful to know how native speakers use these terms in their daily life.¡§

I-Hsin, student, Taiwan

¡§I have been teaching phrasal verbs to large classes of Saudi students and needed ready-made lessons that were easy to use, but interesting. The students respond well to the issues and topics in Phrasal Verbs in Britain because there is something for everyone. I regularly use this book as part of their course.¡¨

Gerald Lakatos, EFL teacher, Saudi Arabia

¡§Phrasal Verbs in Britain is a really fantastic book for English learners! I not only remember phrasal verbs by this text, but also learn the history and culture of the UK. Furthermore, the examinations, audio and color photos are all useful to the self-study as well as enhancing the reading interesting.
I will recommend this unique book to all my friends who are struggling for the English learning and I am sure they will thanks for my recommendation!¡¨

Fei Zhenxia, Student, China

¡§Need to be skilled at phrasal verbs? Need to know the key to the mastery of English? ¡§Phrasal Verbs in Britain¡¨ is your best resource of phrasal verbs. It has a wide variety of them elaborated with definitions and examples. Enjoy it and get the benefit.¡¨

Abdulghany Abdullatif, Jordan

¡§The approach is used is very practical, using a lively text to illustrate usage of phrasal verbs in context. The text section is followed by exercises which call upon students¡¦ ability to deduce meaning from context. Different types of phrasal verbs are handled. All in all, this is an excellent e-book for students to work on improving knowledge of phrasal verbs.¡¨

David Nour, Egypt

¡§Phrasal Verbs in Britain is a very good book. I think Phrasal Verbs are an important part of English language. The meaning becomes clear through reading in context. Practice exercises reinforce for memory. I bought all three.¡¨

Awad, Khartoum, Sudan

¡§Mr. Oliver¡¦s e-learning book is a great contribution to the teaching and learning process. The material is handy and well-planned.¡¨

Yousef, Saudi Arabia